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The succession of generations haven't changed the interest of the Castelli family in this important product whose origins go back to the distant past.


Brunello of Montalcino Castelli Martinozzi is a superb wine, seasoned, harmonious, the product of this rude and fruitful soil and of a relationship between man and nature that lasts for centuries. It's obtained exclusively from grapes of the homonymous vine, a clon of Sangiovese Grosso selected in the zone of Montalcino at the end of the previous century. The vineyard is grown on the spurred cord with 4500 stems per hectare and the production is of 50 quintal/hectare. The main characteristic of this wine is its high ability for seasoning in oak barrels before being put on sale..

Brunello of Montalcino Riserva Castelli Martinozzi, produced only in the years of high excellence, is a seasoned wine of superb structure in which the olfactory and gustatory components mix up and give the harmony and the vigour that make this wine the maximum expression of the wine-making production Castelli Martinozzi. In order to obtain these characteristics the Riserva passes the final period of refining that lasts for 12 months in french oak casks of 225 litres each.

The red wine of Montalcino Castelli Martinozzi is a wine of high consistence, structured, which converges with Brunello by their noble origins. It's born from the vineyards characterized by a moderate climate and even this wine is obtained from the grapes of Sangiovese Grosso.

Olive Oil Castelli Martinozzi:the age-old olive trees of the farm Villa S.Restituta produces an excellent Extravirgin Olive Oil. It's a first cold pressing-out oil which has always been a product famous for its qualities and for being suitable for healthy and tasty nutrition. 

Grappa of Brunello Castelli Martinozzi: Grappa of a single vine obtained from our marcs. 


SEASONING Brunello of Montalcino is a wine that is suitable even for long periods of seasoning. The bottle should be conserved in lying position in a cool and dry place, far from temperature changes and light. If a bottle is correctly conserved the wine will maintain and will even improve its own characteristics for decades. In case a very long seasoning is desired we can resort to the operation of opening and corking of the bottles again with eventual filling up with the wine of the same year. The red wine of Montalcino Castelli Martinozzi is also seasoned in oak barrels in our wine-cellar, for a shorter period of time (8-10 months vs 36-40 of Brunello) and if correctly conserved in lying position in a cool and dry place it can be conserved for more than 10 years. 


Being a perfect complement to roast meat, Brunello of Montalcino must be served with feathered game and jugged fur-bearing wildfowl; the complement to the seasoned cheeses like Pecorino of Tuscany and Parmigiano is ideal. It's also marked as a wine for "meditating", especially at the peak of its ripening evolution. The bottle must be necessarily opened beforehand and the wine must be served at the temperature of 18-20°C.

The red wine of Montalcino is an ideal accompaniment of Siena's cuisine (dry sausages or roast, pinci with ragout, scottiglia of chicken, sheep cheese) and it's in general advised with the dishes on the basis of meat with sauces and cheese. The bottle must be opened beforehand and the wine must be served at the temperature of 18-20°C.

By Castelli Martinozzi