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Brunello di Montalcino 



Name:Brunello of Montalcino
Classification: DOCG
Type of wine: Red
Vine: Sangiovese
Location of the cultivated areas: Montalcino – Loc.Villa S.Restituta
Disposition: South – South/West
Altitude: from 400 to 480 m above sea level
Characteristics of the cultivated soil: composed mainly of the elements of silicates and limestone with the presence of minerals. It has a rude structure and is characterized by the presence of rocks  (stony soil).
Form of cultivation: spurred cord
Density of planting: around 4500 stems/hectare
Year of planting: the age of vineyards from 6 to 30 years
Production per hectare: 50 quintal/hectare
Period of grape harvesting: the end of September – the beginning of October
Method of harvesting: manual
Wine-making: natural fermentation at a controlled temperature (max 24/26°C). Maceration in stainless steel bowls for about 20 days with daily mixing.  
Seasoning: min 36 months in french or slavonian 
oak barrels.
Period of bottling: August - September
Refining in bottles: min 4 months
Type of bottles: classic Bordeaux 
Alcohol content: 13,5
Best temperature for serving: 18/20 C.                   




Colour: ruby red closer to pomegranate, after some years acquires a tint of amber.
Aroma: complex intensive and elegant bouquet with scent of undergrowth and predominance of violet and musk.
Taste: the taste is strong, hot, dry but not much, pleasantly tanninic, lively, harmonious and lingering.




A perfect complement to red game meat, roasted or barbecued, and to the well-seasoned first course in accordance with italian tradition. It's a perfect complement to cheeses with a strong taste (pecorino, parmigiano reggiano, cheeses of alpine meadows etc).

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